“How I love Saigon!” said Vi,who, riding her Honda iron horse, can weave in and out the crazy traffic or through narrowest alleyways. “This feeling is amazing!”Dare you try once with her?


Her name is Nhi, which means “little”. This 19 year old promises to herself she will take good care of you, share with you all she knows about her Saigon if you sit on the back of her bike.


Thanh once hated history but now is so fond of it. The Chinese Vietnamese Saigonese loves sharing her knowledge with tourists. Grab a helmet and get ready to be tortured with history!


Oanh has been so inspired by the idea that people from corners of the world are bound to meet at some point and become parts of one another’s.Hopefully she’ll be somewhere in your story.


Tuan is a 3rd year student majoring Business. Working for Saigon on Bikes, he loves his chances making friends with people all over the world while eating his way through the tours.


Phuoc is a mobile game developer. The 22 year old Saigon local loves playing guitar and hanging out with his peers around the local places, so has prepared in hands a bunch to show you.