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October 11, 2016 Kaye Alonso

My family were all unsure about doing the tour of Ho Chi Minh City on Mopeds, but they could not wipe the smiles off their faces from the moment they hopped on. We zipped around so many streets, up tiny alleys, through local markets. I felt like I was in a James Bond movie at times. Then we were treated to some local food.
My children 9 & 11 years old were looked after so well. My daughter was singing Taylor Swift with her guide as they road along. The guide chats sharing history, stories about Vietnam as you ride along.
Highly recommended, it was so much fun & interesting. These Vietnamese student are inspiring. I think this was one of the best things we did in Vietnam.

Just Do It. The Best Time We Have Had Ever!

2015-11-05 Ben Wilsdon
Where to begin? This was recommended by a friend as a must do for Ho Chi Minh so we booked a tour for our last day in Saigon. Even from the first email it was off to a very good start, a prompt reply with a great explanation on what would be needed for the day and was was included.
We got picked up right on time from our hotel and were taken to several foodie hot spots on the back of bikes. Having not been on one before I was very anxious about the whole thing but five minutes I. I was fine! They made us feel very safe and the traffic as busy as it is doesn’t go very fast.
Every single place we went had the most flavoursome food and you sure get your money’s worth. If you are still hungry you just ask for more. But I ca assure you that there is no way you will finish this tour needing anything else. The tour guide and the girls were just amazing. Full of knowledge genuine and went above and beyond the whole day to make it special.
If you are even thinking twice about. Just book it in. You will absolutely love it.
Thanks again Thanh and the girls ๐Ÿ™‚
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Don’t Think Twice..

July 30, 2016 Jeremy Rae

.. If you love trying Vietnamese food and getting away from the tourist precinct then Thanh and his team have the adventure for you! It’s exceptional. All guides can answer all your questions in English. We did the 6-10pm tour and all 4 of us( 2 girls under 10) loved it. Oh yeah DO NOT eat before hand- appetizers/mains/beers/ dessert etc! A must in Saigon.

The Only Way to See Ho Chi Minh City!

July 27, 2016 Carol Mehr

These motorbike tours of Saigon City are the best thing to do in Saigon! The drivers speak good English, are experienced drivers, and know the city well. They are so much fun to be with! I felt like they became my best friends! This really is the only way to see Saigon City, and it’s colorful streets and alleys. I highly recommend this small company!

Recommended For All

October 23, 2016 Kyle Gallagher

It was an awesome experience getting to see the city on the back of a scooter, the food was awesome. The best part are the guides who are very friendly and knowledgeable. This tour is the first thing i talk about when people ask how my trip was

Great Way to See Ho Chi Minh

October 15, 2016 Kevin Wayne Burgan

Four of us in our late 50s and 60s did a city afternoon tour and were taken around Ho Chi Minh districts on the back of scooters. Our drivers were young people who gave fantastic commentry as we moved through the main area of District 1 into the Chinese area and the Korean area. The driving skills were great and there is no need to be anxious about being on the back of a bike. All our pre-tour communication was with Thanh who also came with us and managed the tour. We were taken to a local cafe where Thanh explained the food and we got to try food we would not have experienced otherwise. We also tried some jelly in the Chinese district and a passionfruit drink in the Korean area. It rained during our journey but we were supplied with ponchos that were well designed and kept us dry. It was a great way to see Ho Chi Minh in three and a half hours. I highly recommend this tour.


2015-04-27 Stephen Edmonds

Wow what an experience. On the back of a moped going round the streets you see the real Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). We chose an afternoon tour which can be a bit warm but the breeze on the back is good, but we saw sights that no fancy bus tour would show you. You have to hold on tight but we felt very safe. In the end the tour lasted 3.5 hours and money well spent. The cost compared to a lot of other things may seem a little up there for backpackers, but I can tell you if you have only a day or two in Saigon this is some of the best money you will ever spend. And it is not just for the young (I am 50). They provided a male driver for myself and a female driver for my wife. We saw so much and learned heaps. Loved the lunch, the jellied tea and the coffee. Will do again.


2015-04-25 Rhonda Wittman

Thanh Le is a young entrepreneur destend for success with Saigon Bikes. This is one of the best tours that offers a first hand experience of motor biking in the city traffic and eating the many different food choices of Vietnam. Thanh Le and both of his guides Jane and Tuna were polite, funny, knowledgable in the history and safe drivers. Be very hungry when you go, as there is more food and drink than you can handle. We took the dinner tour and the city lights, horn honky and HUNDREDS of bikes jostling for space on the roads is amazing. You will not regret this tour and the price is more than worth the experience. Thanks Thanh Le. Rhond and Chris from Vancouver, Canada.


2015-04-23 Anja Heilingbunner

This was the best foodie tour ever! Saigon on bikes tour is a young and enthusiastic team.
– very fast, professional and friendly mail contact with Thanh Le, the owner.
– very punctual meeting at the hotel with students on their scooters
– helmets and masks for the customers in very good condition
– english speaking drivers, all students, very friendly and carefully driving
– food stations in the streets, very typical, but nothing too exotic like snake or others
– interesting conversation about culture, life and development in Vietnam
– disinfection for hands and plates if desired
– company has insurance in case of accidents
– best value for money (other companies are more expensive)
WE REALLY LOVED IT!!! Book them, you won`t be disappointed at all!!!!


2015-04-05 Christine Cernosia & David Alberga
First off, the term “Bikes” refers to Motorbikes or Scooters in this case. Saigon on Bikes involves riding on the back of scooters around the city to see and experience the city up close like a local. I cannot be more enthusiastic in my recommendation of this organization and tours. Every tour is personally led by Thanh, the owner and founder of the business, who’s enthusiasm is infectious. Each of his drivers were courteous and safe. I had no concerns with my 9 and 11 year old daughters riding with Thanh’s drivers, who were nearly as enthusiastic as he is. The tour stopped every half hour or so for food at fantastic hidden places that our western stomachs had absolutely no issues with. Without the kids along we would opt for the food tour next time which takes place at night.
These guys are easy to deal with and very customer focused. Booking and communication via the web prior to our trip was simple. i encourage visitors regardless of age to let Thanh show you his Saigon like a local.


2015-04-04 Lestari Hairul

I booked two tours with them and the proprietor was an absolute darling. Booking was fast and easy and the riders were on time at the hotel. Really really friendly bunch who are knowledgable about the city and gave great recommendations for other stuff to do. I did the evening food tour and the day city tour over two days and enjoyed them both tremendously. The food was absolutely amazing!! This coming from a person who eats to live and is certainly no foodie, I’ve become a concert at least to Vietnamese food. And riding pillion during Saigon rush hour was a definitely thrilling experience!!
The riders are young and really friendly, I went solo and thought I’d be the odd one out of the couples and trios in the wider group but nope, all welcomed into the fold! Definitely a great tour to go on.


2014-05-14 Sarah O'Farrell & Paulo Farrell

A friend had recommended we do one of these tours so I picked Saigon on Bikes based on the reviews here on TA. We had such a great night. Lots of laughs! We were the only two on our night food tour of the city.
Thanh is an excellent tour guide. He is friendly, humorous and full of knowledge too. His staff were also lovely and made us feel very comfortable on the back of their bikes. They point out landmarks along the way…. It’s amazing how they can continue a conversation so casually in all the traffic.
Riding through the streets of Saigon is such an adrenaline rush. I had to close my eyes at a couple of the intersections! It’s definitely a highlight of the tour.
We were so full from all the food that we didn’t eat again until about 2pm the next day! I won’t give much away about the food but there were five stops all showcasing some traditional Vietnamese dishes. Thanh was able to explain all the ingredients, cooking and preparation methods too which was great. Some places we sat outside, others were in little eateries. There were a couple of ‘challenges’ along the way too and I’m proud to say that we tried them all.
I’ve been to Vietnam three times now and this tour has been the highlight of all those trips. It gave us the chance to eat away from the tourist areas, meet the lovely Thanh and his staff and just have an all round exciting adventure in Saigon.
Will definitely do this again on our next trip!
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