Motorbike Tour Insurance Coverage

Saigon on Bikes has always been so proud to say that since the inception of the company, we have never been involved in a single accident with our valued guests on all of our tours. All of our drivers are well trained and extremely careful to provide our guests the safest and best quality of service.

However, despite our best efforts, we understand that sometimes accidents do happen not because of our fault. We cannot control other drivers on the streets and there may be an eventually unfortunate situation, in which one of our guests gets injured while being with us on the tour. That is why the Motorbike Tour Insurance is there to offer our guests the best security they could have.

This accident insurance covers $5,000 or 100,000,000 Vietnam Dong for your injuries in case of an accident. This amount of money can cover most of major medical courses here in Vietnam.

This coverage is guaranteed and has its power the moment you go on one of our tours and ends once the tour is over. You are insured for any bodily injury that is a direct result of an accident that occurs while riding on our motorbikes. Theft or loss of property is NOT covered.

Even though our accident insurance offers comprehensive health coverage, we still recommend that all travelers to Vietnam should have a good travel insurance policy for themselves. Most travel insurance policies should cover “motorbikes in Vietnam”.