Saigon Full-Day Tour

USD200 ~ VND5,000,000 per person


Saigon Full-Day Tour – Saigon un Día will give you the best and fullest experience of Saigon within only ONE day. The tour presents to you the beauty of the city and its culinary delights. This tour includes our Morning City Tour, a relaxing massage, 2 hours of shopping and a Night Food Tour. Let us take care of your one day in our beloved city. Ride, eat, feel, shop and enjoy the fascinating facts about Saigon’s rich culture and dramatic history as we cover different parts of it on different tours of the day. And don’t forget to pick up tops tips from our experienced guides to help you uncover Saigon’s secrets and stories. 

Our Saigon Full-Day Tour – Saigon un Día starts at 8:00AM, with our Morning City Tour. A relaxing 3-hour spa experience follows right after the morning ride. This spa experience includes a 70-minute full body massage with hot stones and oil. After the spa, we will take you around for shopping. And the day is finished with our 4-hour Night Food Tour, which covers over 10 local dishes. Booking this Saigon Full-Day Tour – Saigon un Día, you don’t have to worry about what to see, where to eat and how to bargain. Everything will be taken care of, by us. 

Here is the tour’s detailed itinerary.

(1) From 8:30AM  to 12 noon: Morning City Tour.

To start the tour, we will drive past and let you see all the famous attractions like the Notre Dame, Central Post Office, Independence Palace, City Hall, the Opera House, Ben Thanh Market… Our drivers and guides will point out and give you information of the attractions you are looking at on the way as we go. We WON’T stop at or go inside these attractions however. As the concept of this City Tour is to give you a very general view of Saigon (sightseeing, life, culture, society and cuisine…) and the difference among districts, there will be a lot of driving (through 10 districts). If we stop to go inside the attractions, we won’t have enough time to cover all the other things.

Though we focus more on the sights on this City Tour, we still want to introduce to you our local cuisine. The first part of the tour is followed by an authentic, delicious breakfast Saigon has to offer. So, we advise you to skip breakfast at your hotel as we really, really want to try a tasty dish that is only available in the early morning.

Then we will head to Cholon (Saigon’s China Town) after our meal. On the way there, we will pass and see many interesting things like flower market, pet street, ghost towers, wet market, lantern street, Chinese medicine quarter… and the highlight is Binh Tay Market – the biggest and oldest market in Saigon. We will stop a little for us to rest after a long ride and to try some local snack in China Town.

Korean Town, a posh area in Saigon, will be our last stop on this tour. There, you can see how the rich people live and how different it is from the other parts of the city that we have seen.

(2) From 12 noon to 3:00PM: Local Massage Experience.

Nothing compares to a good & relaxing massage after a long ride around the city. This spa experience includes a 70-minute full body massage with hot stones and oil. It also allows you to have showers, detoxing sauna and napping, to get ready for the other fun parts of the day.

(3) From 3:00PM to 5:00PM: Shopping Tour

Our guides pick you up again at 3:00PM from the spa and we will go for shopping at one (or 2) of the biggest local markets in town. Here you can find souvenirs like snacks, fruits, spices, leather, lamps, shoes, carpets, knockoffs, originals and more… our guides will do their best to help you bargain such that you can have the best deals possible. At some shops, you can even score an consistent discount for being guests of Saigon on Bikes’. It doesn’t really matter if you have a need for shopping or not. This part of the tour allows you to learn about goods and market culture of the locals and learn to haggle like a true Saigon insider. We then will drop you off at your hotel at 5:00PM so that you can rest a little to get ready for the Night Food Tour at 6:00PM.

(4) From 6:00PM to 10:00PM: Night Street Food Tour

6:00PM, our guide will pick you up from your hotel and we go for FOOD. LOTS of FOOD. On the tour, we will travel from one district to another in the city to have five different local food stops (4 stops for savories and 1 for desserts). At each place, we will have a few dishes and we will have over 10 dishes in total. Beside the cuisine, you guys also have the chance to experience the life and sightseeing of the city as we will travel to different areas for food.

– Have a wonderful, fun-filled and overwhelming day with the locals.

– See Saigon at your own pace with your personal English-speaking motorbike driver and guide.

– Learn about Saigon while experiencing its crazy traffic.

– Enjoy a Vietnamese massage and sauna experience.  

– Discover the local market culture.

– Experience the changes of the city from day to the night. 

– Eat a lot of local dishes, drinks and snacks

– Make new friends

– Breakfast, snacks and drinks for the Morning City Tour.

– Ticket to one of the best spas in Saigon, with access to their sauna facility and a 70-minute full body massage with hot stones and oil. (tip for the therapist is not included)

– FOUR stops for savories and ONE stop for desserts with UNLIMITED PORTION of over 10 local dishes, snacks and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for the Night Food Tour.

– Personal safe English speaking drivers

– Helmets, gauze masks, rain ponchos, petrol

$5,000 Accident Insurance

– Free pick-up and drop-off in District 1

(Additional fee for pick-up and drop-off in other Districts)

– Lots of fun

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