Landmark 81 – The new symbol of Ho Chi Minh City

Built by the conglomerate Vingroup – the biggest and fastest-growing real estate as well as housing corporation in Vietnam, Landmark 81 has quickly taken the city by storm with its vast range of stores and brand-new activities offered to satisfy every visitor’s needs.

What does Landmark 81 function?

The tower is located in the center of the high-end mixed-used urban area called Vinhomes Central Park which is 10 minutes away from downtown Saigon. Within a single building, people can find everything from hotel and conference facilities, luxurious apartments, high-end retail spaces, restaurants, bars, to a multi-story observation deck at the tower’s crown.

What can you do at Landmark 81?

Since the building is nicknamed the hottest spot for selfie in Saigon thanks to its spectacular view, the most popular activity is taking selfies and/or group pictures. Because the building houses hundreds of brands of any kind both domestic and international, visitors can go there for anything from shopping, eating, drinking to ice skating, watching movies, etc.

Other interesting facts about Landmark 81

  • Landmark 81 is the tallest building in Vietnam, the tallest completed building in South East Asia as of July, 2018 and the 14th tallest in the world. 
  • The city attraction is 461.2 meters(1,513ft) tall with 81 floors.
  • It has the biggest ice skating rink in Vietnam along with an IMAX 3D cinema with the biggest curved screen.

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