We booked our tour for 8 people by email with less than 24 hours notice. We requested female drivers for the teenage girls in the group, and we mentioned that our group consisted of one vegan, one vegetarian, one carnivore and one cautious teenager (plus 4 adults who would eat and drink anything!). We had immediate email responses, booked the tour using PayPal to save our dong cash for the markets, and had the most amazing experience.

The drivers were mainly students: utterly charming, friendly young people with excellent colloquial English who chatted happily pointing out the sights and telling us about life in HCMC as well as answering all our questions. They explained the food to us at all 5 stops and showed us how to prepare and enjoy it. Food was provided to suit all the teenagers predilections and our vegan and vegetarian had masses of beautiful food. The food was delicious and varied and showed a range of Vietnamese cooking including a trip to Chinatown and some shocking surprises, which I won’t spoil! Beer was an option to drink for the adults, and teens if they wished! The drivers were very safe and we felt utterly confident that this highly professional and friendly outfit would provide the evening of a lifetime, and they did. Brilliant. Highly commended. They even sent us high quality group photos free of charge by email after.

Hilary Johnson – USA