Stop off the tallest building in Saigon – Bitexco Tower

If you have ever seen the movie Iron Man or The Avengers, you will instantly recognize the Bitexco Financial Tower. It has been nicknamed “Stark Tower” due to its resemblance to Tony Stark’s headquarters in those superhero movies by Marvel.

With a height of 262.5 meters (861 ft.), the Bitexco Financial Tower is the most visible landmark in Saigon. Why not visit the observation deck on 49th floor for one of the best views of the city?

A multi-functional building

The Bitexco Financial Tower is housing everything from financial firms to a mall with European luxury brands and a variety of cafés and restaurants, bar/nightclub; and a seven-screen multiplex cinema.

Other interesting facts about the Bitexco Tower

  • As of the beginning of 2016, the Bitexco Financial Tower was the 3rd tallest in Vietnam, and the 124th tallest in the world.
  • It has 68 floors above ground and three basements.
  • In 2015, named the Bitexco Financial Tower the #2 Coolest Skyscraper in the world.
  • The Bitexco Financial Tower was inspired by unique shape from Vietnam’s national flower, the Lotus.
  • The building’s lift system is one of the fastest systems in South East Asia, with its speed up to 7 meters per second.

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