Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is a big city that has so many interesting things to surprise its people. No matter how long you stay in here, you are amazed by a new, big or small, discovery about this city. There are special streets of Saigon that most travelers do not know about. Our session today is PET STREETS in Ho Chi Minh City.

(1) Dog Street in Ho Chi Minh City.

Talking about pets, the first thing that comes up to most people’s mind is the dog. YES! Saigon has a street, where people sell dogs. Dogs displayed for sale here, are of all breeds, from mud dogs to the fancy Alaskan Malamute, Husky, Dalmatian, Sausage dogs to Chihuahua…

PET STREETS in Ho Chi Minh - Saigon on Bikes | Motorbike Food Tours
DOG STREET in Ho Chi Minh City

We are not very sure but we think dogs here come from different sources like local breeders, families and… stealers. Yeah, dog stealers! We know it’s not something good or fun to show travelers but the fact is dognapping happens in Vietnam. Some people make their living from stealing other people’s dogs and sell them. So if Saigoners find their dogs missing, they know they have to come here to look for it. We wouldn’t say it’s a complete bad thing because if it weren’t for these shops, dog owners would have no hints where to find their 4-legged friends back when they got lost.

(2) Bird Street in Ho Chi Minh City.

While most people like dogs and cats, some like pets that have feathers. There is a small corner in Saigon, where you can find these beautiful creatures. The place is known as the bird (or chicken) market, located in Chinatown. Here you can find many kinds of birds that we don’t even know how to call their names in English. We just know basic names like pigeons, roosters… People buy them to decorate their houses and gardens, or to hear them sing. Bird owners enjoy seeing them dance and hearing them sing every day, just like dog owners enjoys walking their dogs. In Vietnam, we have bird contests that are held annually. The winning bird can cost thousands of dollars.

PET STREETS in Ho Chi Minh - Saigon on Bikes | Motorbike Food Tours
BIRD STREET in Ho Chi Minh City

Every afternoon, in this small corner of the busy China Town, you can see a big bird collection from everywhere in the city. The collectors like to bring their beloved birds here, so they can practice singing. Birds will sing their best when they see other birds. Just like other pets, these birds are taken good care of, with high-quality food so that they can grow good feathers and voice. And it’s a pride if you can own a fantastic bird to show off at this market.

PET STREETS in Ho Chi Minh - Saigon on Bikes | Motorbike Food Tours

Roosters are sold here too. Most of them are kept as pets or used for fighting. Chicken fight and dog fight are ILLEGAL in Vietnam but it still happens here and there in secret. Dog fight is more in the north and chicken fight happens more in the south.

(3) Fish Street in Ho Chi Minh City.

If you want to have a pet but are a lazy person, we think this street of Saigon has what you want. These pets are beautiful and require less work and effort than dogs or birds. FISH! This is a small street in Chinatown, shadowy and peaceful, named Luu Xuan Tin, is the most frequented among pet streets in Ho Chi Minh. 

PET STREETS in Ho Chi Minh - Saigon on Bikes | Motorbike Food Tours
FISH STREET in Ho Chi Minh City

Here you can find hundred kinds of fish and accessories for your aquariums. The price varies, depending on the species of fish you choose. Common ones cost more or less than a dollar but precious ones can easily cost you thousands.

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