4 hours

Night - 6:00pm

Welcome to Saigon – heaven of finest international and local cuisines! YES !!! Saigon has long been rated one of the best cities for street food in the world. Let’s get on the bikes and give it a go to taste the most amazing dishes Saigon has to offer. This tour is tailored to give our foreign guests the most unique and authentic experience of Saigon’s cuisine. We will take you to the most popular eateries for locals, most of which are out of the touristy area and located in hidden alleyways. Besides the part of all delicious and unlimited food, you can also enjoy the city as we will zip around on the bikes from place to place for the dishes while receiving an insiders’ view into the culture that defines Saigon from our guides, who are so much passionate in showing you the bests of their city.

FOUR delicious savories, ONE dessert and ENDLESS fun are waiting for you!!!

*** Bike away with new culinary perspectives, big smiles, satisfied taste buds and the confidence to continue exploring new areas. ***

This tour includes:

– 4 stops for savories, plus unlimited drinks and 1 stop for desserts

– Personal safe English speaking drivers

– Helmets, gauze masks, rain ponchos, petrol

– $5,000 Accident Insurance

– Free pick-up and drop-off in District 1

(Additional fee for pick-up and drop-off in other Districts)

– Lots of fun


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