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Saigon is a big city and has an immense variety of goodness from sightseeing, shopping to culture and cuisine. However, as most of our other tours are limited within 3 hours, we admit that they are not able to cover ALL that you may want to do in the city. Saigon on Bikes wants as many of its guests to have an opportunity to most enjoy the city’s delicacies in their own way. So, to provide you a more personalized experience, we offer this private custom tour – Saigon Yours, where you can tailor your own special tour. It can be a gastronomic Food Tour focusing on the list of local dishes that you wish to try. It can be a Shopping Tour searching for some local unique items/souvenirs that you have seen but don’t know where to buy. I can be this and it can be that. Anything you want, please simply let us know!!! Together, we will discuss and create an itinerary that best suits your wants.


This tour includes:

– Personal safe English speaking drivers

– Helmets, gauze masks, rain ponchos, petrol

– $5,000 Accident Insurance

– Free pick-up and drop-off in District 1

(Additional fee for pick-up and drop-off in other Districts)

– Lots of fun


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